Hi! I am Rissa, but I prefer to call myself by pseudonym: Stellar. I picked this name since I was in college, reflecting how I love constellations, galaxies, and the unknown. I am in love with colors since I was a little girl. My mom loved to draw anything, especially sceneries. When my brother and I asked to get a Looney Tunes‘ characters poster, she drew them in an A1 paper, including the infamous Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the Cat, and others. She’s also passionate about fashion, and of course colors. So let’s just say that she influenced me a lot.

Growing up in a suburban family with a very limited access to anything hype making us learning how to DIY everything we wanted. That’s how I got familiar with comics, cartoons, and in broader perspective, art. While my brother became so close with music, I, in the other hand, followed my mom’s passion to draw and design until today. So that’s how I became a graphic designer, which was the biggest step I took to become one. I had no formal design background, even I wanted one. But who say that desire can’t outstrip limitation?

And that was not only thing my mom did to me. I always see that she is the pretties woman alive, with or without make up. My relationship with makeup – especially lipsticks was started when she had plenty to play with. She’s fearless with purple, dominating with red, even (still) looking fierce with nudes. I love the way she picks her outfits to match her makeup too! This is something I don’t do.

Like I always know, every colors are beautiful to me. Even when the others say no. Life teaches me a lesson to love everything I see, even it’s in ugliest form every logic would say, there’s always a beauty in it.

I am here to embrace them all. And I invite you to take a step inside, entering my world full of colors.

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