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At Lippielust, we’re all about bringing lip products to life digitally. Our approach? Real swatches on real people, ensuring accuracy and consistency in every hue, all without relying on only digital alteration or templates.

Over the past eight years, we’ve teamed up with a range of esteemed global brands, including Wardah Cosmetics, Make Over Cosmetics, Emina Cosmetics, Y.O.U Cosmetics, OMG Cosmetics, Mother Of Pearl Cosmetics, Hanasui Cosmetics, LAKME Cosmetics, NACIFIC Cosmetics, Kylie Cosmetics, NABLA Cosmetics, Morphe Brushes, Beauty UK, Breena Beauty, Zhuco Cosmetics, Model Rock Lashes, and more.

Dive into our extensive portfolio on the SWATCHESVAULT page to explore our partnerships and past projects firsthand!


In the early days, I started Lippielust driven by my love for colors and lipstick. At that time (2013-2014), lipstick was seen as fancy things to own, with makeup heavily influenced by American trends. However, over time, our local cosmetics market began to flourish, marking a shift in preferences.

For those loyal Lippielusters who’ve been on this journey with us, they know I started out as a content creator, blazing the trail as a professional Lip Swatcher in Indonesia and also a reviewer on Now, I’m thrilled to say Lippielust is more than just me—it’s a team with a shared vision and mission, to be the only professional swatch studio in Indonesia.

While trends may evolve, Lippielust remains committed to providing digital lip swatch services and comprehensive makeup reviews. Our mission remains clear: showcasing real products on real people and educating Indonesians through high-quality visuals. As we approach nearly a decade in operation, my resolve is firm in ensuring Lippielust remains an influential figure, contributing to the advancement of Indonesia’s cosmetics industry.

Welcome to the Lippielust world!
Hope you’re having a great day, and may your lipstick always be on point!

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