Special FAQ: Swatches & Review

by Rissa Stellar

Who is Lippielust?

Lippielust has transformed from an ordinary suburban woman into 8 team members who are experienced in their respective fields. We are dedicated in creating digital works that can be useful for Indonesian beauty brands as well as their connoisseurs. Get to know more about us.

Why work with Lippielust?

We have extremely niche followers. Since late 2014, we have 126,000+ people gather in our Instagram page with the same title: lipstick lover. Since 2016, around 3000+ organic visitors come to our website daily to read reviews about lipstick, makeup, and skincare.

We never think of our followers / readers as a tool where we can sell it into profit. We value them as whole human beings where every human being (including us) has different tastes, opinions and desires. Therefore, we never promise sales or profit to all of our clients because of this particular reason.

What if you only gets less than 1000 likes in 1 post? 

Although we never understand Instagram’s everchanging algorithm, we do understand your concern. Out of 1000 people who like our Instagram post, it can be concluded that they like the product you have. And, if it’s not clear yet, our swatches posts will stay forever. We use our Instagram as a digital ‘library’ where followers can search, see, and read information about a product directly.

Why do you have to collect information about brands and products?  Why should we send design assets like logos and fonts to you? 

We appreciate that each brand has its own branding and characteristics, so we want to stay relevant to your brand.  If you don’t want us to use your branding assets, you can contact us so we won’t use them.

Why is the production time so long?  what do you do in that time frame? 

We have 3 processes before the production process takes place:

  1. Learn more about your brand, your product, and your message you want to convey so that we can process  accordingly.
  2. Build ideas through a meeting from our creative team so that photos we produce are interesting and different from one another.
  3. Create a moodboard as a basic reference for the production process, and if necessary, reviews.

You can learn more about our complete process here.

Can you say that our product is good without you having to try it?

Unfortunately no, we only state the facts after we try the product. Approved makeup (including lipstick) needs 1 week and skincare products reach approximately 2-4 weeks for us to try so that we can make a thorough review, including the facts that we may encounter during the trial process.

Can you make a photo template for swatches?

Unfortunately we can’t. We always prioritize photo quality by applying lip product one by one on the lips to produce one-off, accurate color swatches.

Can you make swatches according to the references we have?

As long as the reference is only about poses, angles, or props, we really appreciate you to provide additional references to us. But if your photo reference contains things like:

  1. extraordinarily smooth skin (we are humans, we have pores ☺️)
  2. asks us to whiten / darken skin
  3. asks us to change our lips texture (not plump enough, not ‘cushiony’ enough, etc)
  4. match the lipstick color to the color in the reference, or
  5. dds unnecessary detail to the swatches,

then we would respectfully reject your request.

Can you not say something bad about our brand or product when reviewing?

In our opinion, there are neither positive nor negative reviews, nor are there “honest reviews”.  We only know ‘review’. Therefore, what we say in a review is purely the result of our experiment without any interference from other parties.

But we understand your uneasiness. In years of reviewing, we have never defamed (and never will) our clients, or made bad publicity about any product – because we believe, all products come from the hard work you put in and cannot be of poor quality.

Nevertheless, each product must have strengths and weaknesses, therefore we will focus on both in the review.  Although it’s very rare, if your product has flaws, we hope our stated review can be an evaluation material for your brand so the product can have a better performance.

*This special FAQ section will be updated regularly. Updated January 2021.