After more than a year we have finally come to this. Phew! Don’t worry, I’ve bottled up all my thoughts about Girlactik so I know what I’m going to say.


I firstly knew Girlactik about 1,5 years ago, along with LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss (not sure which came first), and because of Girlactik I fall in love with liquid lipsticks until today. At that time, Girlactik was sold about 360,000-380,000 IDR, which is very expensive (now you know I am not really into ABH’s liquid lipsticks). Starlet, Allure, and Demure was my first pick of Girlactik, and I DID NOT REGRET buying them. Why?

💄 Girlactik Matte Lip Paint weight is more than double of most liquid lipsticks in your drawer, 7,5ml. As comparison: Anastasia Beverly Hills’ liquid lipsticks: 3,2ml, Kylie Matte Liquid Lipsticks: 3,25ml. KVD: 6,6ml, JSC: 5,6ml, OFRA: 6ml.

💄 Girlactik Matte Lip Paint has creamy formula, when it sets to matte within seconds, it has minimal transfer. It’s easy to remove effortlessly by oil-based makeup remover.

💄 Girlactik has sophisticated yet simple tube without any frivolous writings on the tube (yes I am referring to NYX’s lipstick products).

💄 Girlactik has so many warmskinned-friendly shades. Not to mention it has wide range of nude colors. Probably I’ll just say they are all nudes except 4 shades: iconic, flirtatious, seductive, stellar. Nude liquid lipsticks are very popular here in Indonesia.





The formula is so creamy and the scent is like you favorite red velvet cake. Color consistency and pigmentation is also amazing, except Stellar. Stellar is a bit patchy and uneven in the first layer but as a matter of fact, buildable. You can layer it up when it’s still wet or dry. The color range is, in my opinion, ‘too safe’ and very everyday-colors. Well that was before Girlactik launched Seductive and Stellar, though. Now I really think that Girlactik can once again can be such a tough contender to other high-end liquid lipstick products by creating bolder and more unique colors. Way to go, Girlactik!


Yes, yes, yes. But as usual, well-moisturized lips are better for ANY liquid lipsticks.


You can expect these Girlactik Matte Lip Paints to stay for 4-5 hours, with full touch up after eating greasy foods. Again, I am more comfortable with liquid lipsticks that don’t last too long on my lips or worse, so hard to clean. And also, I have no problem with touching up! 😉


Indonesia: @flameparadise (Instagram)