On February 7th 2019 NABLA Cosmetics has launched The Matte Lip Collection, a collection dedicated entirely to the matte finish! This collection includes 16 shades of Cult Matte Lipstick in three different finishes: Super Matte, Soft Touch, and Bounce Matte.

💄 Cult Matte – Super Matte Finish

The Super Matte lipstick is all you need to show your most confident self! Incredibly long-lasting, richly pigmented and extremely adherent to the lips, they can boast an amazing velvety-matte finish!

Four shades of Super Matte Cult Matte Lipsticks:

  • JUDGE MEBold chocolate burgundy.
  • PLATONIC LOVERich cool-toned brick red.
  • LOVER’S SLEEPRosy nude with peach undertone.
  • SECRET SEASONMuted toasted peach.

The Cult Lipstick – Super Matte is € 13,90 each on nablacosmetics.com

Product Description:

• Cruelty Free & Vegan.
• This formula features a super high concentration of pure pigments.
• Excellent adherence and perfection over time are enhanced by a film-forming polymer.

The Super Matte finish has flat diagonal tip like this:

The formula itself is highly pigmented and has almost no shine although the bullet looks shiny on the tube.

💄 Cult Matte – Soft Touch Finish

Soft Touch is a new lightweight matte lipstick with a soft focus finish. It’s pure innovation! it’s a new lightweight matte texture with a soft focus finish. It has a buildable coverage and gives the lips a smooth and plump effect, in such a subtle and sophisticated way, that you will forget wearing it!

Six shades of Soft Touch Cult Matte Lipsticks:

  • ALLUSIVE – Medium rosy-red nude.
  • BACKBEATCool-toned light nude.
  • CHLOE – Light beige nude with a hint of pink.
  • MASTERPIECE – Vivid blue-based red.
  • PARTY IN PARISMuted raspberry.
  • TIME FLIES Mauve-hazelnut nude.

The Cult Lipstick – Soft Touch is € 13,90 each on nablacosmetics.com

Product Description:

• Cruelty Free and suitable for vegetarians.
• The combination of light-weight oils and micronized powders gives lips a perfecting blurring effect.
• The anatomic shape of the tip mimics the natural contour of the lips for an effortless application.

Unlike other finishes, the Soft Touch lipstick bullet looks more textured and has pores.

The formula itself is highly pigmented and has almost no shine. Compared with Super Matte finish, the Soft Touch still has minor shine when applied.

💄 Cult Matte – Bounce Matte Finish

The Bounce Matte lipstick will surely become your secret for dangerously attractive lips! Super pigmented and long-lasting, its filling formula with a plastic-matte finish makes the lips look smooth and irresistibly flawless for hours and hours.

Six shades of Bounce Matte Cult Matte Lipsticks:

  • NOLITA – Hot terracotta.
  • FOOL ME – Tangerine red.
  • FOXY LADY – Berry violet.
  • CRIMINAL BABE – Sultry dark plum.
  • LUSTDeep neutral nude.
  • INDIE LIPS (this shade is no longer available on website)

The Cult Lipstick – Bounce Matte is € 13,90 each on nablacosmetics.com

Product Description:

• Cruelty Free & Vegan.
• The perfect blend of different waxes gives a plastic structure to the formula and enhances gliding in application.
• The squared tip helps releasing colour on lips with extreme contour definition in just one swipe

Unlike the other two finishes, Bounce Matte Cult Lipstick feels creamier, it glides so easily on lips.

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